Every business needs a great content writing strategy for websites and social media marketing these days. Gone are the days when good wine needed no bush – ivy bushes advertized wine houses in medieval Europe.

Content: King of the Online Network Economy

Today, the internet has reduced our once vast planet to a global village. And with every ‘winemaker’ vying for customers, making good wine is not enough. The bush must be equally good, if not better. What better place for content marketing than websites and social media?

A staggering 3,087 million worldwide use social media activity on their mobiles, while active mobile internet users stand tall at 3,827 million (April 2018). In or shortly after 2018, the internet is expected to displace television as the world’s number one advertising platform.

Website and Social Network: Business  Essentials

Businesses traditionally required land, labor, capital, enterprise, and conventional marketing to produce and sell. Now, you also need a website and social media. Earlier, a telephone number was your interface with the outside. These days, even Yellow Pages has a website.

The world is inching towards a knowledge economy. Soon, the trot will hasten into a gallop as ideas, accurate data, innovation, research, and advanced technical skills will increasingly drive economic growth.

Knowledge-rich content is already a delicacy for the insatiably knowledge-hungry. Greater knowledge availability has skyrocketed people’s expectations who want more personalization in products, services, ideas, information, customer service, and advertizing-marketing.

But before you customize, you have to know the needs of diverse client groups – precisely what blogs and social networks provide via two-way communication.

Express these insights through appropriate content writing strategy and you will surely capture the imagination of wider audiences. Never forget to explain why your goods or services are relevant to the end-user.

Blend Website and Social Network, Bridge All Communication Gaps

Many surf the internet before making purchases. Your website and social network, therefore, becomes your 24×7 global business card across all time zones. Content can be written, videos, pictures, audio files etc.

Website and Social Network

Your online profile presents necessary data to interested prospects who don’t have to call you in the middle of the night. And, you don’t have to answer the same questions a million times.

What is more, the internet almost levels the field between large and small players. David Lindahl rightly describes the internet as the ultimate merit tool in The Six-Figure Second Income. Size, age, education, or computer literacy doesn’t matter for net users; finding the right thing does.

Build an interactive website and blend it with your social network. The combination creates a coherent instrument making online content marketing, a two-way communication tool with your patrons.

Remember: Positive and consistent engagement is the key to success in the online world!   

Benefits of Content Marketing on Website and Social Media

Brand or Reputation or Image Management is the very crux of what you achieve through persistent, constructive client engagement via correct content strategy.

Benefits of Content Marketing on Website

Such constructive image inspires enduring trust. The image attracts and retains associates – new and old customers, financers, partners. And if things go wrong, they extend you a critical lifeline – benefit-of-doubt!

But to build and maintain your brand via content writing-marketing, you must:

    • Understand Client Requirements
    • Customize Products-Services
    • Explore Competition
    • Project Yourself as the Authority
  • Answer Genuine Queries

Always publicize positive feedback. Lack of personal connection is a genuine pitfall in website and social media marketing, which good feedback eliminates. There will be a few bad comments though.

Marilyn Suttle of Suttle Enterprises argues in favor of hard-to-please customers who openly express negative experiences. If you can address their concerns, they will turn into your vocal advocates.

Through effective content writing-marketing, you can personalize your:

  • Products-Services because you know exactly what your customers want and how.
  • Advertising Messages to the specific needs of a diverse client
  • Marketing is the acid test for any business. Buyers usually make up 50-77% of their mind before contacting the salesperson. Tailoring your website and social media content marketing strategy to customer needs lends you the edge.

Charles Gifford, President of Local Business Network, equates social media marketing with power networking, a multiplicative model that delivers 80-85% capture rates vis-à-vis 2-4% rates of linear, traditional networking.

An undercurrent here is competitive intelligence, the use of publicly available information on your competitors to stay ahead. Following your rivals in the virtual world helps estimate their possible plans and customer reactions.

Branding through the website and social media by utilizing the optimal content writing-marketing strategy helps:

  • Raise Capital via social media, a practice termed crowd-sourcing / crowdfunding wherein people lend capital if they like your ideas.
  • Strategically Price your products-services. Such price is based on the value they add for your patrons, not on production cost.
  • Retain Existing Customers, something 10-20 times less expensive than attracting new ones. Existing patrons generate repeat business, provide referrals, purchase accessories, and will almost always buy new releases.

5 star services

Regular customers will desert you for poor service, unnecessary delays, neglect of feedback, zero personal relationships, and price escalations. Note: price is least important.

  • Attract New Customers who are impressed by the aura around you.
  • Instant Sales because eager buyers have already made up 50-77% of their mind. And because net users are notoriously impatient. This is where their anxiety works for you!
  • Recruitment of the best talent charmed by your brand, something particularly important for start-ups.

Content Writing Design: The Million Dollar Question

Lest the advantages sound like a cakewalk, listen to Linda Kleist’s (of Identity Graphic Design) warning: You have less than 3 seconds to grab the prospect’s attention!

Why? Because innumerable channels and businesses crowd the virtual world, diluting customer attention. Plus, the big fish try to swallow the smaller ones employing mega budgets.

Piling on your misery is the net user’s infamous impatience. Ensure your content writing is:

  • Search Engine Optimized for top rank on the search engine’s result page. Restless net users don’t bother with the bottom half.

Include keywords in your online content for better ranking. But blend them naturally with lowering the overall content quality.

  • Presentable and Operational that inspires the audience to explore further. Presentable content has:
    1. small, 3-4 line paragraphs;
    2. alluring, readable font;
    3. logical flow;
    4. rational headings and sub-headings;
    5. non-intrusive links and buttons; and
    6. easy navigability and operate-ability.
  • Relevant and Brief to quickly explain your usefulness. Videos and images amplify the effect. Remember: net users are restless.
  • Continuously Updated as people regularly want something new.

In Exposure to Closure: The New Age of Frequency Marketing, Stephen Sadler equates updates in digital content marketing to fresh ads on traditional media. Such frequency marketing keeps the audience engaged and your business running.

Finally . . .

Uncertainty is the only certainty in a rapidly changing world. Handling continuous ambiguity requires exploration, invention, and experimentation, tenets which run contrary to the established principles of stability, predictability, and linearity.

Except for change, nothing is permanent. The shift towards knowledge economy is tilting scales in favor of mass customization. After all, it is not the biggest who survive transformations, the most adaptable do!

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