In the first article of this series, Lessons from The Godfather: Make an Offer he Can’t Refuse, we explored the implication of the takeaway in the routine but critical activity of salary negotiation.

Before we dive any deeper into the shark infested waters of The Godfather seeking pearls of wisdom, let us examine the dirty side of this coin – brought out in the same book.  

In the part that depicts Michael Corleone’s exile to Sicily, he rejects Dr. Taza’s offer to treat his disfigured face. New York police captain McCluskey has smashed Michael’s jaw in the earlier part of the book when Michael foils drug dealer Sollozo’s plot to assassinate Don Corleone, a scheme that involves the captain’s active complicity.

Why does Michael refuse Dr. Taza’s offer? Well, because the doctor is “the worst physician in Sicily,” who “read everything but his medical literature, which he admitted he could not understand.”

How then did such a person become a doctor? By getting Sicily’s top Mafia chief to visit his professors and ensure passing grades. It goes without saying the chief must have made the professors an offer they could not refuse.

May God be with the patients of such a doctor!

In such a society, merit, talent, diligence, intelligence, creativity, and innovation take a backseat. You get your profession as a gift from the Mafia Godfather.

This is how malignant the tumours of favouritism, nepotism, and cronyism can be. It is not hard to see how corrupt such a society is. Slowly but surely, the cancer spreads and destroys the entire society.

Implications for the Workplace

The same applies for your workplace. Cronyism or nepotism brings in people not really qualified for the job, perfect candidates for yes-men and yes-women. Performance and accountability takes a back seat as falling-in-line becomes the gateway to promotion. Respect for management and employee morale can move only in one direction – downwards.

Based as their position is on bringing in only good news, these yes-employees keep mum about any brewing issues. Senior management is unable to nip problems in the bud because they aren’t aware of any. And when the simmering discontent blasts its way to the fore, these yes-employees lack the capacity to handle them.

Since we started with cronyism in Dr. Taza’s education, we will end with these insightful lines apparently displayed at the entrance of a South African University:

“Collapsing a nation does not require use of atomic bombs or long range missiles. But it requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in exams by students.

The patient dies in the hands of the doctor who passed his exams through cheating.

And the buildings collapse in the hands of an engineer who passed his exams through cheating.

And the money is lost in the hands of the accountant who passed his exams through cheating.

And humanity dies in the hands of the religious scholar who passed his exams through cheating.

And justice is lost in the hands of the judge who passed his exams through cheating.

The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation.”

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